Graphic Guinea Pigs


Lets burrow into our hay!!

I spent the night last nigh resorting my guinea pigs. Since all of the females that I got from VA had their babies, it was time to rebreed.

One of the sows with milk was kept behind with the babies, and any of the guinea pigs that were under 1.3 lbs. The other females were placed in with a male for rebreeding.


Male boar for the sows.

So, there was some unpleasantness the weekend that the house sitter was in charge a few weeks ago. This isn’t a paragraph for the weak stomached. The males had two food bowls and a water tank when I left. Well, they started to die that weekend (house sitter pulled out four, I pulled out two). None of the females were falling over dead, so it wasn’t Upper Respitory Infections… There were no signs of scuffling, anything. I get home, and find five or six more missing (about ten total).


Then I find the half eaten pig… It turns out that these guys got so hungry that they were starving to death! They started to attack the lowest ranked boar and eat them for food and water. I am just shocked… Both that the people in charge didn’t notice they had no food, and that guinea pigs would cannibalize each other.


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