Bad Day on the Homestead

So, I went back up to WI where i came from on Thursday.

I get a phone call that night that momma bunny and her two babies had died sometime on Thursday. I was majorly bummed out! They were doing fine, and I moved them to their new location in the yard. From what i can tell, the tarp blew off of them, and they were sitting in the sun…

Or, the mom got startled to death. That happens too… No diarrhea, she was eating and was of normal size and nursing well. It always hurts to lose productive breeding stock, especially since she was only eight months old. I also put a lot of time into domesticating her.

While the man was feeding the rabbits, the dogs broke into the quail cage, and proceeded to eat all but one of the brown females, which he found in the ditch across the street this morning.



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