Poor Fluffy

So, apparently Reba was actually Ron!!! Did I bother checking?!? No, I don’t know why I didn’t, but every other person on craigslist was correct on guinea pig sex…


Anyways, Ron and Fluffy have been coexisting in peace for over a month. This week, I happen to go outside and see that Fluffy looks like he got beat to hell! Several superficial wounds and some missing hair chunks.


Anyways, this prompted me to check sexes. And sure enough, there are two males for the nine females, and they got into a fight over a sow in heat!

Fluffy is now inside until I can get him a new home, or get him in with his own harem of women! Hopefully with the young breeders. He is small, but is the most friendly pig I have! Even more than Butters!


Here’s to hoping that the wounds heal.


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