My Screw Up and New Babies!

So, last week, I had my doctoral oral prelims. So, I didn’t get a chance to blog about the twelve new guinea pig babies that I had in the last two weeks.

Four two weeks ago, Four last Monday, and four last Wednesday.

But, I screwed up! These guys had just been born, and the day after, the night time temperature dropped to 55, and it was damp. I lost two of Upper respitory infections the next day, and two froze to death. So, from now on, I need to make sure that pregnant guinea pigs have access to bedding materials to keep warm.

But, last week the temps were warm, and I removed new moms with their babies to an indoor cage so they could make sure that the babies were eating and healthy before putting them out. I was definitely being overcautious.


The first litter had three solid white pigs, and one grey pig. The second litter had a brown and white, and three grey and white pigs. They are adorable, and all thriving. I am hoping they can take this cooler rain, now that they are over a week old.


Pigs from both litters play together


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