Got Some Boy Piggies

Well, i finally managed to catch Pop!!! That only took 4 days. Had to buy a metal trap. She and the other two young females have been moved to another cage, as they are not old enough to breed.

But anyways, I have managed to amass like… 10 or 11 females, plus the babies that I had (3 of them). Now, I have fives males, ranging from 5-8 weeks of age. However, their mother’s are outside, and I am not a big fan of line breeding. Even though I know it is done on quite a regular basis.

But, after weeks and weeks of searching, I finally found two males!

This is Patches. I am a huge fan of his small orange dot on his otherwise black and White head. Like a crown jewel of sorts. After I clipped his nails, he went out will all of the girls on 8/8. He will remain with them all until I get the second tractor built. He seems to be enjoying his life on the lush grass with a bunch of pretty females.


I am Fluffy

Fluffy, on the other hand, is hanging out in a three level cage all by his lonesome. Males may actually kill each other if we are not careful. He is what they call tortoiseshell Abyssinian mix. He has a whole bunch of crazy cowlicks all over his body.

That is it from me. Have a ton of projects and unpacking to do this weekend…


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