Digging and Transplanting Pumpkins

So, each hole that I dug got two seeds in it. With the idea that after two full leaves have emerged, the second one gets pulled. Well, in the third block, germination was very poor. It has been raining a lot, and all of the water accumulates there, at the bottom of the hill. So, I dug up some of the second plants, and transplanted them into a small pile of compost. This will hopefully keep their roots dry.


My pumpkin field

I gave each plant a healthy drink, but they were still wilty. I know transplanting pumpkins is risky, bit it is way to late to replant. But, it was over 90 degrees too. Now, to fertilize and add more neem to repel bugs and deal with fungus. I also have a whole bunch of weeding. I am very excited, as some of the plants are about ready to start running on the ground. I also need to calculate moisture content, and do soil texture.


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