New Quail Cage and Overflow Incubator

I love my sloped floor quail cage!!! It is supported by wire, and has a 1″ opening for the egg to roll through. It is 20 inches deep, and 10 inches tall at the front, and 8 inches tall at the back. It is 36″ long.


Eggs are rolling out the bottom!

The relay device on the automatic temperature probe broke after 5 days, it switched off, but wouldn’t turn back on. The eggs got a wee bit cold, and I had to rewire it to have lights always on. But, at least the cooler is easier than the tall aquarium.

So, in the coolerbator, I have 50+ eggs from Georgia, and about 20 of my own. I ordered another box of 65+ eggs from Texas (accidental eBay purchase). It mistakenly shipped to New Jersey! So I had them ship another, both of which I got on the same day. The amazing Brigitte came to my rescue and took the freshly shipped box, and I set 21 of my own eggs with the 65+ of the old shipment that sat at the post office. I want to see what happens.

In comes a 22 gallon aquarium and two 60 watt heat lamps. I used sand at the bottom. Sand has the ability to hold and conduct heat, and I can water the sand and diffuse water and humidity throughout. So much better than the first setting. Holding steady at around 100*F.


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