After a several month delay due to health circumstances, the ground is finally broken on the Citizen Science Agronomy project.  The sweet sorghum crop is in my hand, and will be planted once I get samples.

However, somebody plopped leaf mulch right in the middle of the area, and I am working on moving that by hand. It was five cubic yards of mulch.


Oh, leaf mulch of doom

We also have promising commitments and help from the industry for this program, including Western Ag Innovations, and Syngenta has a facility for us to tour. The programs are submitted to the girl scouts, and will be advertised this fall. We are looking at a late September start, about Sorghum harvest time.

I am so excited that this is finally getting off the ground. We will hopefully find kids for the summer, as Durham Public Schools backed out. Maybe the membership directors for the GS can find me some girls. In the meantime, we can get people from the public library next door.


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