And the Incubator is Up!

After the first week of temperature failures in my incubator, (since the temp and humidity stabilized again after four days), I decided to make a better incubation unit.

After a ton of research in electronics and wiring, I decided to use an automatic temperature regulator. If it gets too hot the lights switch off, and they switch on after the temp drops too much. This is wired to a computer fan inside to circulate air. So the temperature doesn’t drop below 98.6 F or get above 102.2 (theoretically, that is).

Well, I managed to get a cooler on sale at WalMart this week. So, it was natural that I was going to use this as an incubator for my new quail incubator. I ordered a thermostat with temperature probe inside.


I love this thing! Auto thermostat

I wired two lightbulbs together and am mounting a fan inside. I had to buy some plexiglass for the top. And it all works when I put it together!

See I CAN wire things!!!!  Now, I need to construct the inside base for eggs, add a tube for the water to regulate humidity, and build a semi-automatic egg turner! Need to wait until the sealant dries all the way.


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