Pallet Grow Out Cages

I dismantled two 8′ long pallets with my new sawzall, and decided to use this lumber to create a custom cage rack for my awkward shaped 50″ x 20″ cages. I built them last summer when I didn’t know any better. They have hardware cloth floors, so really aren’t a good solution for anyone in the long term. So, I made them into grow out cages.


My stack of three grow out cages

I only have two cages now, but each of these racks has a four inch clearance under the cage, where a linoleum lined pan sits for manure and urine collection. The cages are all wired in so nothing falls. It also uses all of the height available in the carport.

The quail are in there for now, until I finish restoring the bookcase I bought for $10 yesterday made out of high quality wood from a closing thrift store.


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