Sprouting Clover, Fried Quail Egg, and a bad Humidity Meter

A lot of new things have been happening already this week. Pocosin and I are ready for our first ever sports foundation class, I got a new angle grinder and am waiting on my Sawzall to get here so I can finish ripping up my pallets to finish up the quail cage. I have two groups of Guinea pigs grazing the yard, and the areas that I seeded with white clover and ryegrass is coming up!


The white clover I seeded into the lawn is coming up!

The quail have been laying four eggs a day, and I have finally cooked one up to try for myself.


Tiny egg, delicious!!"

They literally are bite sized eggs! I felt all fancy, eating a tiny egg on a tiny plate, in a tiny frying pan.

The incubator is set up, and I am running temperature checks. The humidity meter I got today does NOT work. It can’t be a RH of 35%, when the air outside is 70%.


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