The Continuing Saga of Monster Chicken: Week 5

What a week! From archery, to canoeing, to agricultural history, it has been a great one! The quail eggs will be arriving some time in the next few days. and I am preparing their new living spaces, designing a new closet space for my new power tools and valuables, cleaning out the poor carport (which was totally trashed with new things, hay, pallets, and Guinea pig stuff).

I am also totally amazed at the amount of weight that a meat chicken can gain in a week! My guys have been outside on grass in the front yard (mostly resting), spend several hours a day without food, and aren’t acting like a ravenous horde. The other four chickens weigh an average of 3.62 lbs, a gain of 1.4 lbs (from 2.22 lbs) in one week!!! The monster chicken totally skipped the 4 pound range, and jumped up to 5.63 lbs (I am PRETTY SURE my scale is accurate) from 3.62 lbs. I can’t believe that one single chicken can gain two pounds in one week! Imagine how it would be if they could eat all they want!

Re-purposed C&C cage that is now used to house meat chickens in the back yard.

Re-purposed C&C cage that is now used to house meat chickens in the back yard.

They now live out in the backyard in a 20 square foot enclosure made from a leftover C&C Guinea Pig Cage. It is only 1 foot tall, but these guys don’t seem to fly much. I only anticipate them being around another week, maybe two at the most.

My current quails are up to laying two eggs in a day since Friday. They really like their setup now. I have a bookshelf that I will be fitting for them with a slightly slanted floor once the week continues.



The guinea pig experiment is going REALLY WELL! The Guinea Pigs don’t eat many pellets or hay, but can munch down all of the grass (well, weeds) around in less than a day. The two breeding groups (Steve-O and Silkie) are at around the same weight they were last week, including the Charcoal girl. The six girls inside gained a bit of weight, and are currently grazing out in the sun, as they need way more exercise.

Off to sanitize my incubation chamber, clean and sanitize pens, and plan out a closet shelf. I will leave you with Banjo, my crazy, obsessed cattle dog, who managed to get himself trapped under a guinea pig cage, searching for food that wasn’t there. OF COURSE, I was cleaning out a cage, and missed the priceless confused face by the time that I got my camera out, but it is still pretty amusing.

And I got stuck in a cage trying to find food...

And I got stuck in a cage trying to find food…


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