Introducing Four New Guinea Pigs

So, this weekend I SCORED on Craigslist! A 5’x2′ cage with all of the trimmings (multiple levels, nail clipper, several food dishes, water dishes, play pen, food, hay, bedding, etc.) that came with two female guinea pigs (Caramel and Cadbury). I had to drive an hour to get them, but it was worth it for the nearly $100 worth of accessories I got with them. Picked these guys up this morning. Saturday, I picked up Lucy and Ethel, a couple of 2-3 year old guinea pigs. They also came with food, hay, the best cage liners, and a huge 3’x2′ cage. These guys are too old to breed, but you don’t know these things until you pick them up. I will keep them around for now, as feeding is minimal.

Caramel: She is around 1 year old, has a lovely pale fur color, and weighs in at 2.28 lbs. I think she is a bit overweight, but we can trim them down with the exercise that they will be getting.

This is Caramel, a 1 year old 2.28 lb girl.

This is Caramel, a 1 year old 2.28 lb girl.

Cadbury: My favorite type of chocolate, since the days that I lived in New Zealand. She is mostly brown, with a bit of orange and white in her midsection. She is 2.22 lbs.

This is my 2.22 Cadbury.

This is my 2.22 lb Cadbury.

Lucy: Clearly named after the lovely Lucille Ball, she has red hair, and a speckled black body. She is too old to be breeding stock, but I can use them to keep company with the guinea pigs that I am not breeding. She weights 2.74 lbs, and is probably going to lose some weight as well.

This is Lucy, a 2.74  lb female.

This is Lucy, a 2.74 lb female.

Ethel: She came with Lucy, and is a black and white female. She weighs 2.29 lbs.

This is the 2.29 lb guinea pig called Ethel.

This is the 2.29 lb guinea pig called Ethel.


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