My New Guinea Pig Girl

This is  Page. She weights 1.76 lbs.

This is Page. She weights 1.76 lbs.

Last night (Wednesday), I drove down to Holly Springs, NC to pick up a 6-7 month old female from craigslist. She had a litter already (the family was told by the breeder that they had two females, oops). There were two pigs in the litter (one male, and one female). Since I am not one that believes in rapid fire breeding (not healthy). Guinea pig breeding is super dangerous, and I don’t want to risk it. She bred two months ago, and it will be another three months before she will go in with a male. She weighs in at 1.76 lbs.

Instead of having a white blaze like the rest of the girls, she has an orange blaze, and black and white spots. Her daughter was an amazing brown and white color (like my favorite brown piggie). I can’t wait to see what her pups will look like.


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