Here’s to a New Year, a New Leaf, and a New House!

I have been remiss in blogging. This last semester was exceedingly difficult. So much so, that I have actually decided to take a break from my doctorate degree so I can actually regain my health and motivation. Being unemployed (and uninsured) won’t be easy, but it was a sacrifice that I deemed necessary.

That being said, I have about 50 kajillion blog posts that are half written. There are new jewelry, new pastel art, new Dutch Oven and spent grain recipes, and new youth programs in the pipeline, including a book project with high school girls and a few agronomy programs locally. Even though it is cold (for North Carolina), there is plenty of work to be done.

This is the agility equipment my friend lent me..

This is the agility equipment my friend lent me in our new fenced in yard

But, the best news for me is the new rental house. (That’s right folks, no more raising chickens in the closet). It is a brick house located on about 0.8 acres. There is a fenced in back yard, and a nice carport. I also got $65 worth of Home Depot gift cards for Christmas (My family knows me).   I have a set of weave poles and a jump that my friend Cindy lent me in the back yard, which allows me and Clark to practice at home! More are coming.

This is my lovely skinning knife. It fits into my hand.

This is my lovely skinning knife. It fits into my hand.

But, probably the best thing that I got was a handmade custom skinning knife created by Darrell Sweet. It is beautiful, and will make cleaning rabbits and chickens easier. It fits in my hand, and has a short manageable blade (and an amazing holster).

Now, how to finish all of these awesome projects with no money…


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