Novice Gamblers Qualifying run

I am starting to make my way out from a pile of work (called PhD), and managed to order my textbooks (over a month after the semester started).
For those of you who don’t know me very well, I have been training in dog agility for nearly 3 years (minus that 6 month stint in Belgium) with my lab mix, Clark. We are finally coming together as a team, putting in good, near qualifying runs in USDAA Dog Agility (the hardest venue, but also has the best games).
This is a Gamblers run, it is the dogs job to get as many points in the first 30 seconds as possible, then after the buzzer rings, they need to do a short sequence over 10 feet away from the handler (distance work!).  In this case, it was a jump, tunnel, jump, and jump.  I was especially happy, as the other obstacle he could have taken was the A-frame, which is, by far, his favorite.
And Clark did a PERFECT job at it, minus the crazy hesitation right before the gamble that I almost lost him!


I am one proud handler!


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