Found Rabbit for $1.75 a pound!

There have been a lot of work with prelims, new educational programs, teaching, and classes, but, I have been trying new recipes and doing a ton of dog agility with Clark.

I found a rabbitry that was trying to get rid of some of their grow out stock (100+). I needed more dog food, and some more food for myself. It was an hour to get there, and I thought it was worth it.

This is my bucket O bunnies

This is my bucket O bunnies

I picked up 12 of them (57.22 lbs), for $100. Using my coathanger and newly sharpened knife, I set to work. I am actually getting quite good at cleaning and processing, and all 12 of them took me about 3-4 hours to process. They ranged from 3.1 lbs to 6.8 lbs.

The dressing percentage of these values are 49%, meaning that the human price was less than $3.50.  The range was between 43-55%, with 5 over 50, and 7 just under.

Waiting for Slaughter

Waiting for Slaughter

I have never been to a rabbitry before, and I was overwhelmed with the size of the operation. There were hundreds of growout battery cages with 2-6 rabbits in them. There was no noticeable smell (I mean, animal smell, but not malodorous). The animals all appeared to be healthy (it was like, 110% humidity, so… some of them were heat stressed), with clear eyes and noses.

I will say that the one that I am designing is very different. Of course, only a small backyard operation with 3-5 breeding does and two bucks.

So, I am now ready for some amazing bunny-liciousness! I keep the rear haunches, and cut up the rest for the dogs.

Cleaned Carcasses, ready for giving to the dogs, and cutting for me.

Cleaned Carcasses, ready for giving to the dogs, and cutting for me.



2 responses to “Found Rabbit for $1.75 a pound!

  1. Wow, you are getting fast if it only takes you 3 to 4 hours to do 12. It took us 2 hours to do 3. We’ll get faster with it in time, but at the moment I can’t even imagine going that fast.


  2. If you ever want a whole for yourself, try slow cooking or pressure cooking. It all just melted up into perfect shredded meat 🙂


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