Cost of Raising Rabbits #2

About a month ago I got five buck rabbits from the Wicked Chicken Auction. Now, I have decided that raising rabbit meat for a dog may not be cost effective, but for me, it is delicious and cost effective.

These are my babies

These are my babies

When I bought the rabbits, they were 11.68 lbs total (average weight of 2.3 lbs). Now, they are all at harvest weight, a combined 22.28 lbs.  Chubby is 5.15 lbs, 3.95 and 3.98 for Dark Knight and Houdini, and 4.7 and 4.5 lbs for Sugar and Cuddle Button.

So, for obvious reasons, I am not going to harvest them now (don’t really want to explain that to the girls). I know that their efficiency and weight gain ratio will now crash out, but, that is ok.

However, the cost/benefit analysis will be done as if I am harvesting today.

Since I had built the cages and had one waterer and hay manger in my last budget, this one was MUCH more cost effective, and designed to make my life easier.

Capital Investments

Second waterer – $3.99

Two feeders – 2 @ $6.99 each

Apple stick treats – $0.99

Total: $18.69


Cost of the Rabbits $32.50

Hay – $9.00 (lots of supplemental grass and clover harvested)

Food – Only 1 25 lb bag needed $9.99

Total: $51.49


Total Cost $70.18

Total Rabbit Weight: 22.28 lbs

Total Cost: $3.15 per pound!

This is actually reasonable for the dog, and for me. I will update it a bit more at the end of the summer. I will need to buy a second bag of food, but may get much more weight out of them.





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