Camp Acres, Week 8

The chickens have moved permanently to a new home. The 12 of them are snug inside the coop at night (as it is only 0.7 square feet per chicken); however, they will pick all predators to death, and are only inside to sleep. They have PLENTY of square footage to explore and peck at during the day. In the morning, they spend time in the sunny parts, and in the afternoon, they hang out underneath the coop. The girls also get to see them outside now. The coop is moved twice a week. The hardware mesh floor was really hard on their feet.

Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

So, the rabbits are around 8-9 weeks old now. I need to bring out a scale to see what they, and the chickens actually weight. They inhabit the bathroom all by themselves. I am thinking that most of them are in the four pound range. Some above, some below. The bunnies are living the life! They have a lot of attention and girls to clean up after them. Ranger Brittany took home three of the button quails, leaving us with five.

Bunny Love! Cuddling is fun!

Bunny Love! Cuddling is fun!


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    • I am not 100% sure what their ages are… I am only guessing based on the weight that I bought them at. They may be older or younger. I only feed hay and pellets.


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