The Life of a Scientist

Last week, I won an Outstanding University Teaching Assistant at North Carolina State, and was accepted to a Communicating Science Workshop at Harvard/MIT university this June, got access to a virtual lab notebook that I hope will revolutionize how I teach soil physics, was offered a dream job that I had to turn down, and was rejected for the Fulbright to New Zealand. What a crazy roller coaster of emotions!

Lately, I have been doing a lot for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts (including rock climbing, hiking at Jordan Lake, making seed bombs, and other arts and crafts).  Between that and homework, teaching soils lab, working intensely on data simulations, and the upcoming  midterms, and term  projects, I haven’t had time to finish a single jewelry piece, or send off the pieces I already made to friends!

Though, I did get to do mud facials, which is always a great use of soils… but I digress…

I also did manage to finish building my “jewelry studio”, which will make completing pieces easier.  I plan on testing out my new studio this weekend, as I am getting some newly colored soils this week for use in jewelry and art. Not to mention the fact that I am overflowing with ideas, and need to express them.



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