Juvenile Females

Between the age of 1 month and 1.3 lbs, females need to be kept separate from the males, as they CAN be sexually mature. So, this is their weight gain logs and parental histories before they get moved into the adult pens.

1.21 lbs 12/27/14
Born 10/14/14 (Pebbles x Ron)
0.95 lbs 12/27/14
Born 10/13/14 (Creme Puff x Ron)
0.90 lbs 12/27/14
Born 10/21/14 (Charcoal x Ron)
0.79 lbs 12/27/14
wpid-img_20141107_161204_944.jpgAlbie (#4)
Born 09/02/14 (Peaches)
1.25 lbs 12/27/14
Born 9/24/14 (Blueberry)
0.97 lbs 12/27/14

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