Construction, Day #1


We only really had a few options to actually build the house… So, we simply were going to build a platform resting on the ground on some cement blocks, with 4″x 4″x 12′ going lengthwise across the base (girders), with the 2x6x12 joists on top.

Yea, that changed when I tried to dig in to level out the girders, and wound up hitting roots. Lots and lots of tree roots. So, I had to change plans and go with a sloped floating platform deck. First, I assembled the joists (overlapping 2′ on the 2″x6″x12′) for a 22′ platform.img_20161230_162214808

The next step involved setting the concrete piers in line with the joists, and using the 4×4 boards to create a level environment, making sure that the outside corners of the frame were level too. As you can see, each one of the 4x4s are a different length. However, the platform itself is level and mostly square.


That was all we happened to accomplish on day #1 (12/30/16), as we had to make more supply runs, and get food parts and pieces. I was hoping to have the platform done that day, but it didn’t end up happening with the construction adjustments.


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