I Swear, I am Back!

Wow! Usually I am much better at keeping things updated. But I have had a Lyme flare-up, and managed to drop a butcher cleaver on my foot, requiring stitches. I also have an earache.

Between those things, I haven’t felt much like writing. I am behind, working on things for the presentation for the board of commissioners, behind in dog training, behind in maintaining the rabbitry, behind in my fur tanning and crafting, behind in cleaning the house, rendering tallow, canning, etc.

I have a website that needs to be updated, recipes to be posted, and a farm loan to complete. 

Life. You can never be caught up. Especially if you homestead. Never have enough money, never have enough time.

So many scientific questions that need to be answered, and not enough energy or time to do it.

Man, priorities… Well, be prepared for the onslaught of new posts for this month.


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