Lactating Bunny Mummy Bites

So, after having some trouble with one of my does not making enough milk i decided to find a solution, and since it popped up on Facebook, I decided to reblog it so I could find it.

The herbal mix is:
Red Raspberry leaf
Fennel seed
Nettle leaf
Fenugreek seed
Dandelion leaf
Blessed Thistle
oat straw

The binding agents are:
Old fashion oats ( food processed to semi fine)
And homemade baby food blend of apple, carrot, banana,squash and strawberry. Just enough of the baby food to hold it together. I mixed and put on parchment paper, covered  in plastic wrap to roll out flat. Then I ‘cut ‘ it into 1 inch square using a flat pizza cutter. Put in oven at 350 for 30mins.


2 responses to “Lactating Bunny Mummy Bites

  1. High protein and calories for your bunny is important for lactation, so some straight 2nd cutting alfalfa hay works well. But also important, if you range or forage for your bunnies do NOT feed any plants in the mint family! This includes plants like oregano or cat’s foot as they can dry out a lactating doe!


    • I don’t usually feed forages to my lactating does unless they are grasses or dandelions. However, it is just her… she does amazing for the first 2-3 weeks, then once the nestbox is out, she struggles. I can’t tell if it is lack of milk or horrible parenting, but I am willing to try.


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