Babies! By popular request…

I have several litters approaching my favorite age here at the farm.


This litter is the Magician x Buckbeak Easter Miracle! A nice orange kit, several cute spotted babies, and some brown ones. Eight kits, hasn’t lost 1!


Magician’s daughter, Granain is nursing a litter of nine kits from a pairing with Sandrider. All survived too!


Sorceress also has an amazingly cute litter of 9 kits from a pairing with Buckbeak! She also has an orange kit.


And Syren has a litter of 7 purebred American Chinchilla babies from her pairing with Sandrider. Babies are so cute.


2 responses to “Babies! By popular request…

  1. Oh my! I told you I’d be back if there were babies, lol! So cute! Looks like you have a good thing going for them with the survival rate you have. Those Chinchillas are adorable!


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