Targeted by the City Government

So, we chose to move to our city, Creedmoor, NC, because they had no animal restrictions. (Except no pigs). Working as a farm is difficult under most circumstances; however, we are using best management practices to free range poultry.

Why does agriculture need to be confined outside of city limits? Relegating removal of our food production to the fringes of society causes people to be divorced from where their food comes from. Why did we get severe environmental problems? Why did farms go out of control in size? Because people who live in urban areas are restricted from growing their own food.

I hate that ordinances are trying to be passed to take away our right to feed ourselves. This leaves no wiggle room for meat birds! Only laying birds… Which isn’t fair.

Also, it apparently is illegal for me to sell my excess meat (even though I can legally process and sell through the state government).

And apparently, this libertarian elected town board is in favor of adding regulations….

We are mobilizing the community as we speak, and fighting my right to farm and unfair ordinances. And increasing ordinance friendly regulations for urban farmers in my town of 5000 people.


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