Fun with Color Genetics 3: Profiling Sorceress

Well, this will hopefully be the last installment in finding out what the genetics are found in Buckbeak. In the second post, where we looked at his offspring from Magician,

We found out that Buckbeak has a genetic color profile of A_BbCchdDdE_


Now Buckbeak had a second litter with Sorceress the day after he had kits with Magician (I think Sorceress may actually be Magicians daughter… but I can’t remember for sure whether it was her, or a former rabbit Necromancer). However, her coloration and genetic patterns are very similar to Magician, except her broken pattern is different (she just has some white around her chest and feet.

A: She is A dominant, just like my other rabbits.


B: She is chocolate, so she is a


C: Another weird coloration, but she has orange and brown with no white, so I am betting it is


D: Since she is brown, and not dilute, she has a dominant coloration.


E: I think she is the same as Magician,


Now we can look at her kits in this last litter to see what we can find out.

IMG_20160211_114532_671 There are two white kits. (Assumed to be red eyed, will find out in a few days). This absence of color means that these two kits are cc in the coloration (absence of color). So, Beaky and Sorceress have a c gene.

Cc, and Beaky is Cchdc. (Chinchilla with a recessive gene).


This coloration is new for me! I think they are lilac (not blue like I am accustomed to). But this means that Sorceress carries the dilute gene (d), so she is also Dd.  We also can’t determine more E values without waiting for them to grow. If these guys are solid colored, then Beaky has a recessive a as well.

Also, from a previous litter from Sorceress x Beaky, there was a solid blue kit. So we can extrapolate that they have a recessive a value (she has also had an orange kit in the past).

This leaves us with

Sorceress AabbCcDdEse

Buckbeak: AaBbCchdDdE_









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