Laying out a Target Marketing Plan

Fingers crossed that we get a real farm… and if we do, we are hoping that it will be near the Charlotte, NC metro area (the red star). This project is a part of the GIS course that I am currently enrolled in (so I can finish my GIS Certificate). So, the cheese that this farm sells is currently located in a few places, and we will continue selling at these places. But, to expand our marketing operations to stores, boutiques, and gourmet restaurants, it is important that we narrow down our target area, as finding potential sales locations take a lot of work and time.


Needless to say, we are concentrating on the dark green and forest green areas at the center of the map (median income that is >$49,634) to start our marketing campaign. As you may have noticed, the farm is on the far western edge of the map. We are not expanding near the mountain regions of NC, as they have quite a bit of cheese farms already. I look forward to searching for businesses and restaurants that would be interested in buying some amazing farmstead goat cheese! (And sheep cheese in the future).

Maps are fun! And I will be creating more iterations to this map, and state maps to optimize our marketing strategy.



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