Litter SY4 Tattoo Day!

S is for the buck, Sandrider, and Y is for the doe, Syren. This is Syren’s 4th litter at Clarjo Farms. So, it is litter SY4. There are 5 does, averaging in at 3.85 lbs each, and 2 bucks at 4 lbs each. Now, tattooing a rabbit is a horrible pain in the butt, but necessary in order to keep everyone straight. I only tattoo purebred litters, and those does I intend to keep for breeding. In case my rabbits are stolen, or I ever decide to show (HA), it is good to keep records. Also, all rabbits start looking the same… especially purebreds. Speaking of, I should really get those pedigrees online…

Baby Does


Doe SY42,  a nice little girl. Most likely pet quality or good grade doe.


Doe SY44,  my pick of the litter.  Great size, solid, clean lines, good rear end, and long body. She stood out since their eyes opened. Already nearing 5 lbs at 8.5 weeks… which is impressive,  especially for a non New Zealand!


Doe SY46 is a nice girl, but smaller than some of the others. She will be sold as a pet grade.


Doe SY48 is another pet grade rabbit. Also smaller than average.


Finally,  Doe SY410. The other doe I am keeping. She has a long body,  and is solid everywhere else. Won’t tip the scales, but sometimes the second biggest in the litter end up more productive.

The Bucks


Buck SY41.  I am not crazy about either of these males. Neither screams out “quality stud” to me.  I will make a decision in a few weeks. They are not poor specimans, but compared to their father, they aren’t great either.


Buck SY43. Also a nice bunny, we will see how they grow.


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