The Lifeboat

It has been awhile since the art part of Dirtartful came into the picture. However, I am on vacation, and it is pretty much saturated outside, so aside from basic cleaning and feeding, it is not really conducive to DOING anything on the farm.

I have been purging my house, and am getting the incubators ready for another go round. So, I grabbed some black and white pastels, and composed a 7″ x 10″ pastel that pretty much has described my mood lately.


It is not my best work, but I love the boat!  This whole finishing of the dissertation, job applications, the death of my rabbits has resulted in the feeling of being lost in the dark forest. But I am reaching then other side! And the lifeboat will help me, but, it is still a skull, so the danger is still hanging over my head…


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