That B#$%&

So, I know it is Mr. Mustards first litter, and she wasn’t really taking great care of them. They were not very chubby, but not super fat. I showed her how to nurse, made sure her milk had come in, and made sure the kits were warm…


The bitch peed on them!

So yesterday morning, I walk outside, and her nest was wet, and the kits were stone cold in a clump… Yes, it was raining, but they are in the middle of the shed, and the rest of the cage was dry.

I have NEVER had a rabbit lose an entire litter, even a first time mom… And NEVER have I experienced such poor mothering. I will give her another chance, but this doesn’t look good for her…


2 responses to “That B#$%&

  1. At least I hope she tastes good! My municipality has something against raising animals for food. I have no idea what you’re going through, but I would like to try someday. I hope she learns to be a better mama!


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