Sorceress x Physik Bunnies and the Great Bunny Move

Physik is one of the greatest rabbits I own! He is so sweet, and I love him a lot! But he has spent most of his life out on the ground, so has only had three litters so far, with escapee does. His first litter drown,  and the other two are still alive. But, I put Sorceress with him in the cage, and on 11/27, a litter of six kits were born. Really low for her. Then, last night,  two of the kits hitched onto her tits and rode out of the nestbox at night.  She pulled fur to try and keep them warm, but temps are so low, and they froze to death. This has never happened to her before. It is so tragic to see full, fat babies dead on the cage floor. 


Four kits have a harder time staying warm, so I put them in with the 6 Magician had the day before. Magicians litter sizes are usually larger, and she is an amazing mother, so hopefully she can handle the extra babies. I also needed all of the fur that Sorceress pulled for her nest for another rabbit. I 2ill revered her soon.


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