Joy and Sorrow

I have fallen head over heels in love with turkeys… I mentioned that in a couple of previous posts… So we got home from herding sheep with our new kitten, Sisko.


We were gone less than five hours. I walk outside, and only two turkeys are there to greet me. I start searching around the fence, and they are curious and can get out (and counting birds making sure we didn’t have and others missing). All were around but this Turkey and the free range pheasants (which isn’t unusual).

I go outside of the fence, and start calling for her (as my turkeys have a better recall than Clark). The two pheasants come running, but still no turkey.

I walk back into the shed, and notice that one of the buckets was upside down, which isn’t how I left it.

My poor little girl managed to flip the bucket on top of herself, and wound up passing away.


Needless to say, I am crushed. I has two females and a male, and I wanted to keep a breeding pair, and use one for Thanksgiving… But that isn’t an option now. I will miss her face, perched on my shoulders, eating grubs out of my hands, and following me around as I do chores.

But at least I have a kitteh, who is adorable, and some horse time tomorrow.


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