Ducks and Ducklings at Clarjo


A lot has been going on at Clarjo farms recently. Butchering, processing, packaging galore! But we managed to get a shipment of Pekin ducklings o. Thursday. 25 of them to replace the 22 that are ready for processing.


The buff Orpington ducks are feathering out and growing like weeds. A couple are crested and look adorable. And I really dislike crested ducks.


The last hatching of khaki Campbell’s are now two weeks old there are eight of them. Some are going to their new homes today, and I may keep the rest to sell as adults.


My adults are still laying well, I think… I haven’t been able to find their eggs in the last few days…. Time to easter egg hunt, and they don’t go from four to none overnight…


I still have to process and package 16 from the last batch of ducklings, but Banjo is making sure they are exercised well with his herding exercises. More control ever day, but ZOMG, so hard to work.


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