Sorceress, you Hussy!

Well, Sorceress wound up giving birth in the yard after she escaped her cage. And lo and behold, Physick the yard rabbit managed to find her and impregnate her right after her litter was born!


I came out today doing my usual status check, and noticed she had pulled fur and was gathering hay in her mouth. I quick grabbed a nestbox and put it in. Then, she proceeded to have seven kits in fifteen minutes. A clean, natural process, with her 7 kits from her last litter in the cage with her! (They have since been moved.)

I despise back to back breedings, as they burn does out fast. With the heat, I never thought the pregnancy would have taken. But it did, and they are healthy and thriving. It was amazing to watch her give birth, expertly clean off the afterbirth and eat it, as well as eat the peanut baby (stillborn), then proceed to clear all the blood off herself.


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