And Again… Magician Delivers 9

A productive rabbitry is very important to stay viable. I have a lot of demand for raw fed rabbits, and therefore, more kits means I can sell rabbits on demand. It is up for debate how soon you should breed back rabbit does. There is a fine line between economics, and not wearing your poor animals out. Guinea pigs I have a boar living with the sows, but they rear very well in colonies. Rabbits, on the other hand, dig so many holes, and are prone to diseases from the soil, that common practice is to keep them elevated.


Anyways, after two weeks, I removed the nestbox of her litter born in March, and bred her. This is the LEAST amount of time I would do, weaning her kits at 5 weeks of age, and expecting a litter after six. I am glad it worked, and she gave birth to nine kits. But, from now on, I decided to breed back after a month, and leave 8 weeks between litters. That still is like, 50+ kits a year.


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