Blackberry had Babies

Imagine my surprise when I go out and feed everything this morning, to find a single baby crawling around out in the back pen!  I hate singles, because full term single babies look just like the other pigs that are a little over one month into gestation. There was another single baby born Wednesday, and this could be a brother, or a totally different breeding.


This is a gorgeous 0.25 lb baby though, clearly out of Black and Tan. So, I picked up all of the potential mothers, and found that Blackberry had milk coming from her teats, and moved her, and the baby into the nursery pen. I also lost two adolescent pigs out of the nursery pen. I am thinking it was the white mold on the fodder, or more likely the fact that fodder might not have enough vitamin C. It is hard to tell, as they didn’t seem to lose any weight.


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