ComSciCon Day 2

We are at the North Carolina Museum of Science in their brand new wing for our second day of the triangle science communication workshop. To start out our morning, we had an amazing breakfast, followed by a panel on Multimedia and non print communication. One of the panelists, Clare Fieseler, was a former national alumnus that attended with me. She is a radio producer and co-founder of a scientist with stories segment. We also had Brian Malow, science comedian and curator of the new wing at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Lomax Boyd, a science filmmaker, and Holly Menninger, Director of Science Communication at NC State University.


I was moderating the session, and boy, were these characters colorful. We talked about anything and everything from how to get started, to dealing with the “expert blind spot”.

The second panel was on Communicating Science throughout Your Career, and featured Katie Burke, and editor at American Scientist magazine, Nate DeGraff, North Carolina State Director of Communication in the college of sciences, Mark Kruse, a professor at Duke and US Atlas Outreach Coordinator, and Robin Smith, a science writer at Duke.

The group then broke into small groups and peer reviewed each others writing pieces. It was a great experience organizing and participating in these panels.


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