Epic Wedding Present: Herding Ducks

I love taking my dogs Banjo and Pocosin herding. But, we can’t practice sheep every day, because we don’t live on a farm that has them. Ducks are a viable alternative for suburban areas, as they flock like sheep. So, for a wedding present, my hubby got me six Khaki Campbell ducks at laying age. Five females and one male. These are ducks that produce a crazy amount of eggs per year (350 is not unreasonable to expect) Since we brought them home on Sunday, I have gotten several eggs, and may need a new incubator.


It is generally best to herd male ducks only, so we went to the Wicked Chicken, and picked up 3 Welsh Harlequins and a Khaki Campbell drake to start our herding strain. They were only $3-4 each, so I can’t complain. We also got a pair of Pekins (massive white ones) for $16.  Now to build them a cage and start dog breaking them, which is a long and gentle process.


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