My Screw Up

I failed at palpating. When I felt Sorceress two weeks ago, I thought there could have been something, but then bred her back to Buck. Last Thursday, Sorceress was gathering hay in her mouth all week, so I thought she may have been nesting. I put in a nestbox, and she made a huge mess out of everything. So, I pulled it out, thinking she was just hormonal, as she wasn’t due for two more weeks.

Well, yesterday, I got married, and left my homestead in somebody else’s amazing and capable hands, and she had babies! Two weeks early (I failed at palpating)!!! Of course, by the time I got home, she had had her babies on the wire, and they had frozen to death. Five remained, with one half out of the cage, and one on the ground… More may have been eaten by the dogs…


Another set of babies lost…


2 responses to “My Screw Up

  1. I am sorry you lost them. Be prepared for the fact that she may have another litter. Rabbits can carry two pregnancies, one in either uterine horn, so I’d be ready for her to possibly kindle again a month from when you last bred her. Palpating often fails. If you saw a successful fall off from the buck it is always just better to wait out the full time of the pregnancy.

    Congratulations on your marriage, though.


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