ComSciCon Triangle Day 1

After six months of preparation with our talented steering committee (Rosa Li, Reggie Bain, and Sheena Faherty from Duke University, Kelsey Ellis from UNC, and myself and Taryn Patterson from NC State). The Triangle Communicating in Science Conference is HERE!!!


After hanging out with Joe Palca, the NPR science writing guru all night at dinner and happy hour, he gave a great keynote at the donated RTP center today. 50 students were selected, and are giving pop Talks (one minute speeches about their research to the general public). They are also learning about Telling the Story of Science with expert panelists Scott Huler, Abby Olena, and Karyn Traphagen.


This is followed by a session on writing mechanics with Sara Peach. Each student gets assigned into a writing group, and is responsible for writing a write-a-thon piece for publication is lay-person science articles (for Scientific American, etc.).

It is so great to see all of these amazing  students representing ECU, UNC, NC State, and Duke University  ready to make a difference in the world.


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