New Sows!

It won’t stop raining, and my backyard is a sinky, souplike substance. So, instead of getting my crops ready to put in the ground, I am perusing Craigslist.  Craigslist was generous again, with three free sows making their way into my rotation. One in the front yard, and two in the back.


Syrup is a two pound sow, who is out front with Butters (who looks the same), Cinnamon, and Waffles (I get hungry just thinking about them!).


This is Peanut Butter, a massive Abyssinian sow. She is a bit overweight, around 2.4 lbs. But she has an amazing frame too.


I am not sure I am keeping Skunk into the breeding regime. She is only 1.25 lbs right now. She may be a young sow, but I am not sure.


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