My New Buck

Since Physick turned out to be shy, I got a steel colored Buck to replace him. I love Leo the Lionhead, but I want babies of a more meat-like build.


He is very sweet, and seems to be keen to breed. Even though some of my virgin does I had to force mate. Whoever talked of breeding like rabbits has clearly never tried it.

I put in a nestbox with Syren on Friday, and one in with Necromancer today. Here’s to hoping I have rabbits to replace Magicians.


2 responses to “My New Buck

    • I put Physick on the ground to clean up after all of the other rabbits, and NOW he seems to figure out what it means, and is trying to mount Queste, who is also out. The waiting game sucks. Syren didn’t give birth, and I think they may be too fat.

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