Sorting Hat for October Babies!


One of Cassius’s babies born in late June, Pop, is ready to breed! She is in the back box with 14 other pigs, and the 4 newborn babies. One of the males was also processed.

There are a total of 13 girls in growout pens, and 8 males.

Grape is 1.22 lbs, Hermione is 1.2 lbs, and Pint is 1.19 lbs. Give them another three weeks, and they will be breeding. Hero is up 0.16 lbs, Creamsicle is up 0.20 lbs, Chunk is up 0.09 lbs, Gris is up 0.15, and Patch is up 0.11 lbs. Five of the Guinea pigs born in October are female.


This is Burgunday

Lucky for me, my favorite two pigs were female! One of the Burgundy pigs, called Burgundy out of Creme Puff, and Amethyst, out of Charcoal.




This is out of Pebbles, her name is Amaranth.


This is out of Cinnamon, her name is Burnt Umber.


This is out of Pebbles as well, her name is Ruby.


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