Rabbits FINALLY Have a Proper Setup

So, i have been REALLY behind with the rabbit setup, what with the fact that I got so many on the bargain. It takes quite a bit of capital to build a rabbit cage, and each rabbit needs its own, unlike guinea pigs, which love happily packed in colonies.


This is the first set of females, Magician, Sorceress, and Necromancer are in the 16″ tall cage in the top row, and Queste, Syren, and Magyck are in the 18″ tall cage on the bottom.


The final four outside are a bit helter skelter yet, but a shelter should be appearing for them this week. From the left, Darke, Flyte, Alchemyst, and the buck Physick. I have another buck inside of breeding age… Who will sire some of my first litters. It is always great to have a back up.

But, now each rabbit has its own cage, and don’t have to live with the buck or their siblings.


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