Sorting Hat for September Babies

Today I did a weigh and sort, so I can put new female piggies of breeding age into the grow out pen. Nico and Jelly both made the 1.3 lb cut off. Jelly replaced Creme Puff in the front box, and Nico was added to the back.


Both of these pigs are big enough now.


Grape is up to 1.14 lbs, Hermione is at 1.17 lbs, and Pint is up to 1.16 lbs.

Now, these are the pigs that were born in September, fully weaned and growing out.


This is Hero

There is Hero, born on September 4. She had three male siblings.


This is Chunk

Chunk was born September 6. She also had three brothers.


Gris, a grey and white pig

Gris was born on September 22, and has two male siblings.


This is Patch

Patch is sisters with Cremesicle, both were born September 24, and have a brother.


My favorite Cremesicle


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