Closer to Being Legit

Well, I got my tuition refund, so it is about time to buy some much needed supplies for the rabbitry. I have a bunch of rabbits coming due, and needed more nestboxes. Online is a much better deal, so, while ordering them, I ordered a couple more things to help out.


I got 12 plastic resting pads. These are nice to make sure that rabbits are not hanging out on wire cages all day. They are easy to clean, and will make for happier rabbits.

I also need a way to mark my rabbits. So I got the deluxe rabbit tattooing kit.


I have never tattooed a rabbit before, so I need to figure out a tattooing system to mark my rabbits. I only have the numbers 1-10 right now. May get the alphabet set too…

That is all for me for today.


5 responses to “Closer to Being Legit

  1. I must admit, tattooing animals is something I know nothing about. Now, as we make plans for the future farm, I’m thinking it’s something we should look into…


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