Bring on the Ark!

It rained a lot yesterday, but when I checked the pigs in the back yard last night, the ground was fairly dry in the pen. I put in some straw for warmth, hay, and food, and went to bed.

When I woke up, it had been raining for awhile. And after I looked outside, i saw the roof had blown off of the guinea pigs. They were standing in over an inch of water.


Two of the babies were laying on their sides, in the mud. They were still alive, but barely clinging to life, as it was in the low sixties, and they didn’t have the mass to keep themselves warm. The tiniest baby went missing in the last 24 hours too. So I scooped up these two pigs right away, and brought them inside to warm up and dry off.


The other babies were 2-4 weeks old, so I brought them in to towel them off, but they have the heat reserves to deal with the wet, cold rain. I also secured the roof with bricks, and elevated the shelters again.


The babies born this week, out front, were toasty and secure, as their shelter was 3″ off the ground, not just 1″.


Hopefully the two babies that were so cold, will be fine. They are currently indoors under a heat lamp until they can get their strength up.


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