Baby Piggies and a Miscarriage

Once again… The doctorate student falls off the face of the earth, as she is cranking out faculty applications, organizing a communications in science workshop, and trying to get ready for the Soil Science Society of America meeting. Lots of slides, workshops, etc. that need to be organized. This, along with citizen science starting tomorrow has me wrapped up in constant busy mode.


Four babies

But anyways, we have four more babies to report on the guinea pig front, all born tonight some time.

It looks like at least two have the rosettes like their mother, and one is smooth like the father. The other is kind of wavy, in the middle of the textures.


On another note. Poor cookie had a miscarriage, and lost all five of her babies. I trapped her under the house for a day, and that was too much stress to overcome. None of the pigs in with Ron are due yet, only a month and a half along.


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