New Does

Yesterday, I got 5 breeding age does off craigslist for $30 total!!! (That is a reasonable per rabbit price around here).

Syren is a 6 month old American Chinchilla.


Alchemyst is a 3 year old

The next American Chinchilla doe is Alchemyst. She is 3 years old.

There was also a few English Spot and Chinchilla English Spot crosses. I took these because they are breeding age stock, and have all had litters before.


Magician, a 2 year old doe

Magician is a 2 year old doe who has had several litters before.


Sorceress is a 1 year old doe

Sorceress and Necromancer are both one year old American Chinchilla and English Spot crosses.


Necromancer is also a year of age.

That is all of the does I am going to have right now. Seven are at breeding age, three are coming up on it… And then one buck.


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